Why Us?


Attitude is everything when it comes to making things happen in relationships. It’s not about what’s written on a piece of paper, necessarily, as much as it is making people feel like they’re part of something together. That starts with our team members being honest and up front with each other and respecting where each side is coming from and what they are trying to accomplish together.

Subject Matter Knowledge

In many outsourcing relationships, detailed knowledge about a process tends to shift away from the client’s employees to the outsourcing provider. Web2App Infotech believes in reversing this trend. Web2App Infotech conducts a reverse knowledge transfer project to ensure continuity of service for our clients.

Relationship Building

Web2App Infotech ensures and insists for a weekly phone call, even if it’s very fluffy, rather than something more challenging where there’s a decision to be made as a team. By having this phone call, Web2App Infotech is building confidence in the relationship. Then when we do have to discuss something that is more challenging, we’re not approaching as strangers but instead as an ongoing continuous relationship where we’ve been able to see each other in operation and take stock of one another and how we work together.


Attrition in the team leads to new members continually taking time to get up to speed on understanding the products and business every time they were inducted. Web2App Infotech tackles the issue by putting in place shadow resources and having them trained in advance on your products, methodologies, etc. Succession Planning also ensures that when any team member leaves, a suitable replacement is ready to take over as soon as that member leaves. Effectively the project is Company dependent and not individual dependent.


Web2App Infotech offers creativity with leadership. Web2App Infotech views every opportunity and presentation to the clients with a mind toward creativity.

Bigger is Better – Paradox

Bigger is not always better. Size is a measure of capacity but this does not insure competency.
Web2App Infotech promotes ability and capacity as one.


Adhering to our time-tested, custom process framework (carefully designed from the best practices of PMI, xP and Scrum) ensures the measurement of metrics, monitoring and controlling them at various stages beginning from the contract drawing up stage.